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Our Sponsors

Thank you for bringing dreams to Life

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It is our dream to not only create a beautiful park for the Clarksville Community but to continue on in our endeavors to enhance other areas in the community.  This is why we formed Friends Of Clarksville nonprofit organization.  As we meet our goals to complete one project it is our mission to continue forward with another. So we encourage you to give generously, if you are able, to leave a legacy of hope for our future generations.  


Gold Sponsors

Gold team donating $5000 or more to help reach our goals

Gold Status

Gold Status


Silver Sponsors

Silver team donating $2000 to $4999 to help reach our goals

Silver Status

Silver Status


Bronze Sponsors

Bronze team donating $500 to $1999 to help reach our goals

Bronze Status

Wade & Darlene Hall

Bronze status


Clarksville UMC

Blessed Caretakers

Clarksville United Methodist Church has generously granted the community the use of the beautiful yard that is Clarksville Community Park for a safe place for neighbors to come together.

Olive Branch UMC

Faithful Supporters

Olive Branch United Methodist Church is the sister church to Clarksville UMC.  Their faith and continued financial support contributes to the community park.

Let's Build a Park

You Can Make a Difference - Every dollar counts.
You can also send checks to:
Friends Of Clarksville
PO Box 6
Clarksville, OH 45113